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To my colleagues, the Assistant Schools Division Superintendents, Dr. Marilyn V. Deduyo and Dr. Jinky B. Firman, to the Cluster Heads, to the Public Schools District Supervisors, to the School Heads, to the faculty, administration, and staff of all schools, sections, units, and offices  under the Department of Education Division of Davao City, to our parents, graduates, students, and stakeholders, a blessed day to all.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” Nelson Mandela once opined. Education is the greatest tool all of us can maximize to make a difference in the lives of the people. Education is a passport to a better future. With education, one can significantly contribute to building the nation.  Education remains as a constant pursuit for knowledge and wisdom in spite of the uncertainty of the times.

At the present, we have been facing one of the greatest trials of human history—the COVID-19 pandemic. The Coronavirus disease shook the corners of the world, afflicting all nations. The scourge of the global pandemic has been very difficult to all of us. To date, the virus has slain the lives of many. Some of us lost our loved ones. Others are suffering physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. Some lost their jobs and are in serious financial distress.  Let me take this opportunity to extend our sincerest prayers for all.

The continuous delivery of education has been one of the challenges brought about by the pandemic. In the interest of public health and public safety, the conduct of face to face classes has been prohibited. In spite of the pandemic, we, as educators, persevered, to fight for the education of our children. COVID-19 may have spread its malediction worldwide, but it could never dampen the spirit of hope among the Filipinos, who continue the fight for education, the fight for life. In response to the need of our learners, the Department of Education Division of Davao City geared up for different learning delivery modalities for School Year 2020-2021. Following the directive of President Rodrigo Roa-Duterte that no face to face classes shall be conducted for this school year, the Department of Education spearheaded by Secretary Leonor Magtolis-Briones, initiated the planning and execution of the different learning delivery modalities for the schools under the department.

While most of the workers have been working from home, our students have also been learning from home. The present times has seen different modes and methods of delivering education, in lieu of the traditional face-to-face classes. Various modes of education include modular approach, online classes, blended learning, television and radio broadcasting delivered through asynchronous and synchronous sessions. All of these different kinds of learning modes, methods, and platforms, have only one goal: to ensure the continuous delivery of education among the students.

With this, I would like to express that it has always been the commitment of the Department of Education Division of Davao City to ensure the provision of Educational Management Services in terms of Governance and Operations Curriculum Implementation to schools and learning centers offering Kinder to Grade 12 Basic Education Program.  It is the primary aim of the Schools Division Office of the Department of Education Davao City to help provide quality education for all learners who belong to diverse cultural, economic, and socio-political strata in society. Throughout the years, the Department of Education has continued to implement its core function of ensuring access to, promoting equity in, and improving the quality of basic education through various learning institutions and educational programs, and relevant partnerships with local and international stakeholders. The Department of Education thrives by its mandate to be the formulator of the education processes, policies, and system in the Philippines. Here in DepEd, we live by the mandate, Para sa Bata, Para sa Bayan

At this juncture, let me thank everyone who helped in making the continuous delivery of education possible.

To the teachers, as teachers, you constantly showed your passion in educating and molding the youth to be the best that they can be.  In spite of the difficulty of the times we live in, your unwavering dedication and selfless hearts for service, for educating the youth, should be given commendation.

To the parents, the achievements of your children will not be realized without your love, sacrifice, patience, and guidance. The graduation ceremonies would not be possible without your constant support and assistance. This graduation is not only an occasion to celebrate the milestone and achievements of your sons and daughters. This is also the moment where, you, dear parents should be honored. The triumph of your children is your victory.

To the graduating class of  School Year 2020-2021, congratulations!  With the Grace of God, your courage, determination, and hard-work paid off. Use your education to excel, inspire, and most importantly, render your talents for the good welfare of the nation. As the hope of the nation, you have the responsibility to keep the light of knowledge burning for all the time to come. One day, some of you will lead the nation as others will have continued the perseverance to serve the country through their chosen profession. Never forget to be grateful to God for all the blessings you have been given. Do your best in everything you do. Pray for strength and knowledge in order for your dreams to come true.

The present and future generations need teachers, ministers, lawyers, doctors, architects, engineers, builders, agriculturists, cooks, bakers, restaurateurs, businessmen, policemen, clerks, dentists, nurses, therapists, optometrists, writers, soldiers, artists, scientists, economists, mathematician, historian, linguists, civil servants—all kinds of workers, in all fields of profession.  As you leave the portals of this institution, do not prepare for college only, prepare for life.  Remember to study and work with faith, hope, integrity, honesty, passion, diligence, and dignity—in the spirit of altruism.  In the future, once you have finished your studies, remember that giving your time, talents, and service to your respective communities in your chosen field is a way of giving back, of bringing positive change to society.
    Let me end this speech by saying once more that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

    Daghang Salamat.

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